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What you will get?

JINDALJEE's authentic guidance ONLY

There is no option left when reality hits hard. Every piece of Nishant's bhaiya's guidance is authentic. You will receive guidance to ensure YOUR consistency.

Latest techniques to BOOST your efficiency

Time is flying. Nishant bhaiya will provide you with the best productivity techniques known to mankind. These tips will get more work done in less time.

Expert tips to improve your mental health

It is impossible to move ahead without overcoming the extreme stress, depression, self-doubt, distractions & anxiety of preparation.

Exam updates so that you NEVER miss out

You are doing most of the things for the first time. Messups happen. Nishant bhaiya will inform you about every date and important do's and don'ts.

Chapters of the week

Every week, Nishant bhaiya will tell you the chapters that will benefit you the most in that week. Following such a plan will ensure a big score in JEE.

Everything on your WhatsApp DM

The mentorship will be given in a timed-manner. Nishant bhaiya knows what guidance one needs in which situation. You will receive guidance daily in your WhatsApp DMs.

Words of our students

Shivam Goyal [JEE Adv. 694]

"I could see the improve in my confidence though till the next three tests my ranks were(42,31,12) but in the very next advanced test I came all india 3rd. And finally I made it to IITD with AIR 694."

Ayush Garg [JEE Mains. 28]

"Nishant Sir's guidance was the only difference between my ranks in the practice tests and my ranks in the JEE mains and JEE Advanced."

Shridhar Dodamani [NEET 105]

"His methods and references especially for Physics have helped me in a long run. He made me work harder in my grade 12 especially for NEET and finally I ended up with a decent rank of 105 in NEET 2018."

Ayan Das [JEE Adv. 1836]

"His answers motivated me during the times when I had lost all hopes of getting into an IIT. I was distracted from my JEE preparation and his answers motivated me to work hard and achieve the coveted IITian tag."

Akshit Goel [JEE Adv. 2367]

"His clear ideas solved my confusions and helped me to get on the track again and again. His guidance continued throughout my JEE preparation and finally I scored All India Rank of 2367 in JEE Advanced 2018."

Paras Kaushik [JEE Adv. 3199]

"He told me the tips and tricks that were essential for cracking JEE. He told me how to take maximum advantages of the situations one have."

Meet your mentor

Nishant Jindal

Nishant Jindal got AIR 247 in JEE Advanced in only 4 months. He has authored the most popular strategy book of JEE. In his 6 years of mentoring career, he has created ranks 28, 117, 169, 281 and innumerable more IITians, NITians. Join us NOW to safeguard your IIT dream against all hurdles.

"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great mentor." - Japanese Proverb